Canarie Electronics Inc.


Canarie Electronics Inc. is a leading supplier of electronic devices for more than twenty-five years. We are an acknowledged leader in the supply of testing solutions for telecommunications industry, coil winding testing machines, field Programmers, SoC, Testing Software and the full array of active and passive electronic components as also military spec. components.

Canarie has forged alliances with world leaders in their respective fields including Microtronix, Taga, EKG-KOKUSAI, Conitec, IC+, Flynn Systems,NumberOne, Weison, Hosonic, Elna amongst others. Canarie has distinguished itself by offering fast turnaround times, personal service and single window processing of all electronic component needs of our clients. Staffed by well qualified managers and engineers we are well equipped to offer through our managed services division, the users an integrated solution by installing and maintaining our units at the customer end thereby ensuring the same level of quality control end to end.


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